Speaking Engagements

If you're involved with a public entity or if you represent the media, you need to know the ins and outs of federal and state public records and open meetings laws. Find out what California law has to say about balancing the public's right to information with the individual's right to privacy. Join us for this seminar and you will get updates on recent developments in the interpretation of these laws. This seminar will get you headed in the right direction to avoid costly mistakes and litigation - register now to stay current and stay in compliance.

An informative session covering the anatomy of an EEO lawsuit during the 2014 Western Region IPMA-HR Annual Conference.

Investigations of employee misconduct in the workplace are more complex and “high stakes” than ever. Human resource professionals are confronted with new allegations such as workplace bullying, in addition to well-established areas of misconduct: discrimination, harassment and retaliation, insubordination, dishonesty, substance abuse and other misconduct. All require prompt and thorough investigations.

Concurrent sessions during the NPELRA 43rd Annual Training Conference.

An informative panel discussion covering advanced issues in public sector discipline during the 31st Annual Meeting and 20th Annual Public Sector Conference (combined).