Speaking Engagements

California’s historic drought is raising the stakes and increasing the complexity of water issues that were difficult in times of normal water supply. The drought has also spurred development of new laws and regulations, including the State Water Resources Control Board’s emergency regulations and the Sustainable Groundwater Management Act. What will happen to water suppliers that do not meet water conservation factors established by drought regulations?

This webinar will focus on permissible solicitation/panhandling regulations including the status of recent federal circuit court decisions and the recent Supreme Court ruling in the Reed case and its impact.  Practical tips for practitioners to consider when drafting, revising or enforcing local laws or policies regarding solicitation/panhandling restrictions will also be discussed.

Please join us for this informative session, which will provide an overview on Public Contracts as well as updates regarding recent legislation.

Natural disasters, political dramas, personnel issues, and capital projects gone awry are just some possibilities that could plunge a district into emergency mode. We’ll provide the tools to navigate these crises with composure, in both short and long terms.