Speaking Engagements

Please join Meyers Nave Of Counsel Shiraz Tangri on June 11 at the Los Angeles Athletic Club. Shiraz serves as co-Chair and moderator of the second annual event, which is available as a live seminar or a pre-order video recording.

This session will cover the San Bruno pipeline explosion and resultant Federal and State investigations, which revealed serious internal and external auditing flaws, as well as lack of risk management.

This session will cover cutting-edge CEQA issues, focusing on recent and pending California Supreme Court cases.

The Southern California Public Labor Relations Council will host a presentation and a free luncheon followed by a round table discussion. Gina Roccanova will discuss the new paid sick leave law (AB 1522), which takes effect July 1, 2015.

This session, during the 2015 California Public Records and Open Meetings Conference, will cover the exemptions to the CPRA, including the types of records that fall within the definition of "public records," but are exempt from disclosure; how and when the exemptions apply; as well as recent legal updates to these exemptions.

Natural disasters, political dramas, personnel issues, and capital projects gone awry are just some possibilities that could plunge a district into emergency mode. We’ll provide the tools to navigate these crises with composure, in both short and long terms.

The public expects transparency and accountability from government, and the California Public Records Act is the public’s primary tool for accessing information to monitor the functioning of public entities, including special districts. The presenters will help attendees understand and navigate the Act’s obstacle course of complex requirements, critical timelines, key exemptions, and definitions of affected officials and agencies. Recent case law and Attorney General Opinions will be used to reveal hidden dangers and illustrate best practices for risk prevention.