Social Media in the Workplace: Creating & Implementing a Policy You "Like"

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, texting, blogging, posting and chatting….OH MY! Your employees are utilizing social media in increasing numbers. Social media at work presents employers with a growing list of concerns, including whether to put up with it or ban it, how to respond to posts that complain about the employer, and the perils of accessing it in hiring and disciplinary decisions.

View our webinar recording, "Social Media in the Workplace: Creating & Implementing a Policy You ‘Like’" for an informative discussion on regulating social media activities in your workplace.

Topics include:

- Legal updates on privacy laws and other rulings affecting social media

- Policy basics – the elements of an effective social media policy

- Regulating social media in the workplace


Camille Hamilton Pating
Senior Of Counsel
Meyers Nave

Camille Hamilton Pating provides litigation services and labor advice to a broad range of public entity employers. She chairs the Workplace Investigations team, specializing in investigations involving high profile government officials and employees. She conducts personnel and internal affairs investigations into allegations of harassment and misconduct, and has exceptional experience as an investigator in discrimination, retaliation, civil rights and whistleblower matters. Camille is a frequent speaker on social media in the workplace, discrimination, retaliation, harassment and other issues in employment law.