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Every day local governments in California must manage numerous emerging legal issues, as well as carry on the business of operating their cities, counties, districts, and other agencies.  One of the ways our attorneys provide superior value is by authoring articles to provide context and insightful analysis on a wide range of critical issues impacting public agencies today.

Navigating CEQA guidelines and regulating greenhouse gas emissions, addressing ethics and transparency in government, discussing methods to reduce gang violence to make communities safer, and identifying how employers can ensure compliance with labor and employment laws to avoid penalties are a few examples of recently published articles written by our attorneys.
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Some of our most recent articles are presented below grouped by their practice area. Older articles are available in the Archives, which can be accessed via the links in the left column.

California Public Utilities Commission

Hidden Dangers of Underground Infrastructure

July 15, 2015, Lamorinda Weekly, Britt K. Strottman

Most people do not know what lies beneath the streets they live and travel on each day. Communities contain multiple systems of wires and pipes for delivering water, sewage, storm drainage, gas and electricity - all of which can pose life-threatening dangers when least expected.

Environmental Law

CEQA: New Player in Sports Stadium Wars

March 5, 2015, Daily Journal, Timothy D. Cremin, Amrit S. Kulkarni

Ever since the Dodgers left Brooklyn for Los Angeles, cities have competed to keep or attract professional sports teams. Recent activity in the cities of Sacramento, Inglewood and Carson prove that a new state-of-the-art stadium is the most influential factor in convincing a team to stay or luring a team to move. The cities’ playbooks also reveal that an unexpected prominent player is the California Environmental Quality Act. CEQA compliance and litigation can be used to undermine the planning, financing and construction of new stadiums.

Labor and Employment

Agency Shop's Last Dance?

March 12, 2015, The Daily Journal

A case pending in the U.S. Supreme Court could alter the legal landscape for public sector labor unions. In Friedrichs v. California Teachers Association, the constitutionality of agency shop provisions is squarely joined.

Land Use

Daily Journal Profiles Amrit Kulkarni re: California Supreme Court CEQA Victory

March 10, 2015, The Daily Journal, Amrit S. Kulkarni

In a highly anticipated decision regarding the California Environmental Quality Act, Berkeley Hillside Preservation v.

Municipal and Special District Law

What Can Municipalities Do About Drones?

December 18, 2015, The Muncipal Lawyer Magazine, John D. Bakker

In an extremely short amount of time, unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs, or drones) have transitioned from their initial military applications to a wide range of uses by civilian government agencies, businesses, and individuals. Both the uses and owners/operators of drones will continue to proliferate as mass production improves affordability, and technological advancements make them more sophisticated, easier to maneuver, and smaller. 

Trial and Litigation

Guide to Defending Against Excessive Force Claims

May 15, 2015, Daily Journal, Blake P. Loebs

Peace officer conduct is under increasing scrutiny throughout the country and related litigation is rising. The fundamental principle is that the end game for each case must be determined immediately and it will both direct and drive the respective litigation plan. 

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