Initiative Proposes to Suspend AB 32, California's Greenhouse Gas Law


An initiative measure to suspend AB 32, California’s landmark law to curb greenhouse gas emissions to 1990 levels by 2020, has been cleared to gather signatures. The measure would require a state unemployment rate of equal to or less than 5.5% for one full year before the government could pursue AB 32 greenhouse gas measures. Since the State unemployment rate is currently 12.1%, if the initiative were approved it would result in an immediate suspension of AB 32.

Supporters of the measure call it the “California Jobs Initiative” and state that it is an attempt to force regulators to suspend AB 32 policy-making and enforcement until the economy rebounds significantly. Assemblyman and Republican Dan Logue created the initiative and states that he has sufficient financial commitments from business interests for a campaign to qualify the measure for the ballot.

Supporters of AB 32, including Governor Schwarzenegger, maintain that AB 32 and similar laws stimulate the green economy and California jobs. If the measure is passed, they explain that it will stall the number of green jobs in the state. According to the San Diego news, among those defending AB 32 are biotech and green energy firms such as TechNet, a national network of recognizable technology companies in the 21st-century market, from Apple to Yahoo.

Attorney General Jerry Brown, who has the authority to clarify ballot measures with precise titles, has named the initiative “Suspends Air Pollution Control Laws Requiring Major Polluters to Report and Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions That Cause Global Warming Until Unemployment Drops Below Specified Level for Full Year.”

According Sacramento's Capital News, supporters of the initiative must collect 433,971 voter signatures by June 24 for the measure to be added to the ballot.

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