December 2008

Court of Appeals Holds that Political Speech at City-Permitted Events on Public Property Must Be Allowed

In a new decision, Dietrich v. Cardella, the United States Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit has held that the complete exclusion of a political organization from a privately-sponsored event held on public property and open to the public violates the First Amendment if the permittee could have disclaimed the speech in some other manner.

CalPERS Portfolio Has Lost Over Thirty Percent of Its Value

Attorney Authors: 

The San Francisco Chronicle recently reported that the investment portfolio for CalPERS has lost 31.1% of its value since peaking last fall. The article indicates that employer contributions may increase if the stock market slump continues.

To read the article in the Chronicle regarding this matter click here.

SB 1473: Cities and Counties Must Collect Fees to Fund Development of State Building Standards

Beginning January 1, 2009, cities and counties must collect, on behalf of the California Building Standards Commission a fee from building permit applicants based on building valuation to fund development of statewide building standards. Click here to read more.