Meyers Nave and the City of Oakland Successfully Obtain Preliminary Gang Injunction Against Norteños Gang Members

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In a closely-watched and high-profile case involving a civil gang injunction against the violent Norteños gang, Meyers Nave attorneys Tricia Hynes and Britt Strottman, working with the Oakland City Attorney's Office, succeeded in obtaining a civil gang injunction against Norteños gang members. Civil gang injunctions are court orders prohibiting a particular criminal street gang from engaging in various activities that are harmful and injurious to the community, its residents and business owners. The Honorable Robert Freedman of the Alameda County Superior Court granted the City of Oakland's request for a preliminary civil gang injunction order in full, relying upon all of the evidence and testimony submitted by the City. What this means is that the individually named gang members in the first phase of the litigation are now prevented from engaging in a broad range of activities, some of which are already crimes in their own right, and some of which are not crimes, per se, but have the real propensity to lead to crimes. Within a designated "Safety Zone" covering the neighborhoods where the gang operates, the enjoined individuals will be prohibited from associating with one another, intimidating witnesses, recruiting youth into the gang, knowingly being in the presence of drugs or firearms, wearing gang colors or being on the streets between the hours of 10 p.m. and 5 a.m. 

In the face of fierce opposition from, at one point in time, five separate volunteer defense counsel representing a majority of the individual defendants, this Order represents a major victory for the City, bringing them an additional tool to combat gang crime and violence that is plaguing the entire state.

Go here to read the court's full decision. 

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