Proposed Legislation to Address Governor's Proposal to Destablish Redevelopment Agencies


Late in the afternoon on Wednesday, February 23rd, the State Department of Finance released language for a proposed budget trailer bill that addresses the Governor’s proposal to disestablish redevelopment agencies. The 26-page bill has not yet been formally introduced, but may be introduced and considered by the Budget Conference Committee within the next few days. It is likely that the bill will undergo modification prior to consideration by the legislature, and if adopted, the bill may be subject to legal challenge.

The proposed legislation states that it is an urgency measure that would take immediate effect upon approval by the legislature and signature by the Governor. Although urgency legislation normally requires approval by two-thirds of both the Senate and Assembly, it is possible that the legislation may be included as part of the budget package and become effective with majority approval and the Governor’s signature.

Go here to read the full summary of the Department of Finance proposed trailer bill as released on February 23rd.

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