Our training sessions for public agency managers and supervisors are praised for giving attendees the information and skills they need to apply immediately in the workplace.

Our most popular workshops have included effective discipline; hiring practices; avoiding workplace harassment and discrimination; compliance with the Fair Labor Standards Act and FLSA Audit; and accommodating, administering and evaluating medical leaves.

Topics on which we have recently offered training are:

  • How to Conduct an Internal Investigation,

  • Skelly Hearings and Effective Discipline,

  • Workplace Violence,

  • Workplace Harassment and Discrimination,

  • Employee Benefits and City Budgets,

  • Social Media in the Workplace,

  • FLSA Audits,

  • Negotiation in Difficult Times,

  • Employees on Extended Leaves,

  • Ethics Guide for Human Resources Administrators,

  • Legal Issues in the Hiring Process,

  • Disabilities in the Workplace, and

  • Performance Evaluations.