Environmental Law


The multi-faceted environmental issues that confront private companies, municipalities and public agencies call for a team like ours that knows environmental law and private and public entity needs equally well. Our understanding of your goals and decision factors allow us to be a true partner, while our astute legal skills and manner of representation make us a truly valuable one.

We advise our clients of their rights, obligations, liabilities, and opportunities under the law—offering counsel and representation in many aspects of environmental law. We also interface with regulatory agencies and have built strong relationships with such agencies as the state and regional water boards, Department of Fish and Wildlife, the Coastal Commission, the Department of Toxic Substances Control, and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. Some of our environmental services are described below.


  • Through our representation of public agencies, developers and other parties in contaminated ground clean-up efforts, we understand re-use from all sides. We seek to protect our clients from undue environmental liabilities by appropriately allocating risk in agreements and by using appropriate tools to reduce brownfields liabilities.

  • Meyers Nave is intimately familiar with the requirements of the Clean Air Act and other laws that aim to reduce smog and air pollution. We have represented clients in responding to and resolving SCAQMD administrative notices of violation and CARB administrative discovery matters.

  • Our environmental attorneys serve as lead counsel in litigation regarding contaminated sites throughout California.

  • The Coastal Act governs nearly all activities defined as “development” in coastal areas.  Meyers Nave attorneys represent public entities and private parties in obtaining Coastal Development Permits.

  • Compliance with the Endangered Species Act (ESA) is a critical issue facing public agencies that deliver services that affect the natural environment. Our attorneys have participated in hundreds of consultations under Section 7 of the ESA and participated in negotiations of habitat conservation plans involving timberlands, water use, transportation, municipal permitting and other types of development.

  • Meyers Nave advises operators, interest owners, landowners, royalty owners, public agencies, universities and other institutional clients on a variety of energy issues. We have an insider’s understanding of the operational issues faced by exploration and production companies, which forms the foundation on which we assist public and private clients.

  • Our Environmental Law practice includes representing clients with respect to consumer protections laws, such as Proposition 65, Safer Consumer Products Regulations (Green Chemistry Initiative), the Consumer Legal Remedies Act, the Toxic Substances Control Act, and Consumer Products Safety Improvement Act.

  • We advise and represent dozens of waste management districts, sanitary districts, cities and other public agencies in transactional issues and litigation related to the environmental issues associated with solid waste. We are also engaged in landfill closure and post-closure issues, including CERCLA litigation for such costs.

  • Water issues are critical in California. We provide complete legal services related to water quality, water supply and water rights, including acquiring and transferring water rights and protecting existing water rights. We also frequently advise on public agencies’ responsibilities for the management and control of stormwater and urban runoff.