On-site client training is another way our attorneys educate clients on best practices, reduce their liability and risk of litigation, and keep them up-to-date on laws that may affect them.

Ethics (AB 1234) and sexual harassment prevention (AB 1825) are two training topics that Meyers Nave conducts on a regular basis.  Detailed information about these two trainings is below.  In addition, our practice groups also offer training specific to their areas of law.
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AB 1234 Ethics Training
On October 7, 2005, the Governor signed Assembly Bill No. 1234. This law requires that all local agencies that provide compensation, salary, or stipend to, or reimburses the expenses of, members of a legislative body must provide ethics training to local agency officials by January 1, 2007, and every two years thereafter.
AB 1825 Compliance Training
This new law, effective January 1, 2005, requires that all supervisory employees employed as of July 1, 2005 receive training in sexual harassment prevention.  All new supervisory employees must receive the training within six months of assuming their new supervisory duties.
Meyers Nave offers training that fully complies with the requirements of AB 1825.  In addition, we also provide a train-the-trainer component for employers who want to handle training of future supervisors internally.
Our standard training lasts two hours, plus additional time for questions.  It is designed to be entertaining, interactive and informative.  
The train-the-trainer portion requires that all potential trainers attend the two hour session.  Following the session they will be provided with all the above listed materials on a diskette, and can use them as frequently as desired.  In addition, we will provide a written outline so the trainers can make sure that all important materials are covered when they do future training sessions.  We will keep the PowerPoint updated for the remainder of the calendar year, so if there are any changes to the law, they can be incorporated into future PowerPoint presentations. 
Previously Recorded Webinars

How Public Agencies Can Be Savvy in Minimizing and Managing Bid Protests

Meyers Nave Speakers: Eric S. Casher, Richard Pio Roda

Sound procedures and savvy handling of bid protests can ensure that public agencies retain maximum control over award of their projects. Particularly when work is scarce and bidding is aggressive—as it is in today’s market, some contractors appear to use bid protests in an attempt to take control of the award process. 

Safely Navigating the Minefield: Handling Bidding Irregularities and Subcontractor Issues

Meyers Nave Speakers: Benjamin T. Reyes, Ruthann G. Ziegler

This webinar covers bidder relief and subcontractor substitution and listing law.

Social Media in the Workplace: Creating & Implementing a Policy You "Like"

Meyers Nave Speaker: Camille Hamilton Pating

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, texting, blogging, posting and chatting….OH MY! Your employees are utilizing social media in increasing numbers. Social media at work presents employers with a growing list of concerns, including whether to put up with it or ban it, how to respond to posts that complain about the employer, and the perils of accessing it in hiring and disciplinary decisions.

The Facts About AB 646 Factfinding

Meyers Nave Speaker: Jesse Lad

This webinar provides an overview of the factfinding process and assists local public agencies in developing practice and strategy for labor negotiations in light of factfinding requirements.

Down the Rabbit Hole: When Disability Leave Laws Collide

Meyers Nave Speaker:

This recorded webinar provides a step-by-step method for navigating leave and disability laws and explains how to bring closure in the case of employees on extended leaves.

Sign Regulations and the First Amendment: Navigating Recent Developments in the Law

Meyers Nave Speaker: Deborah J. Fox

This presentation discusses recent developments in the law of sign regulations concerning the monetization of billboards. 

What's New at PERB? Recent Developments and Key PERB Decisions

Meyers Nave Speaker: Jesse Lad

This presentation covers recent developments in PERB law and procedure, including: (1) PERB decisions that your agency needs to know about; (2) pending legislation that could impact your agency; (3) new policies and procedures that impact case processing; and (4) an update about the ongoing litigation regarding the scope of AB 646 factfinding.

Vested Rights - Developments In Public Employment Retirement Benefits

Meyers Nave Speaker: Linda Ross

This presentation discusses:  (1) developments in the law on public employee retiree medical benefits, (2)  new vested rights decisions out of Orange County, San Diego, San Jose and elsewhere, (3) how courts have applied the California Supreme Court decision in Retired Employees Association of Orange County, (4) the status of state anti-spiking legislation in the courts, (5) pension rights and bankruptcy, (6) pension reform measures and the ballot, (7) cases to watch.

Labor & Employment Legislative Update

Meyers Nave Speaker: Spencer J. Wilson

This webinar provides a comprehensive legislative update in the area of labor and employment law, discussing the impact of recent legislative developments, with a primary focus on public sector employers.  Spencer’s webinar covers a broad array of topics including pension reform, new sick leave requirements, and changes in harassment and nondiscrimination laws.

Lessons Learned from the Year's Biggest Employment Verdicts

Meyers Nave Speakers: Kevin P. McLaughlin, Geoffrey Spellberg

This webinar provides a round-up of the biggest employment verdicts of 2014, with an emphasis on verdicts involving public sector employers.  2014 saw a number of verdicts involving claims of individual plaintiffs in excess of $1 million, including employees of state, county, and local public entities.  These, along with a number of defense verdicts, provide a goldmine of information regarding the key issues that motivate juries and distinguish serious claims from the rest.

Labor Negotiations in 2015: What You Need To Know

Meyers Nave Speaker: Edward L. Kreisberg

Public agency negotiator Eddie Kreisberg provides his unique perspective on negotiating following the Great Recession and during this period of political change. More than ever, agencies need to know how to approach vexing health, retiree health and pension issues, and the realities of making deals amidst changing and tight budgets.

Navigating Changes to Retired Public Employee Medical Benefits

Meyers Nave Speaker: Linda Ross

Medical benefits for retired public employees may be determined by state law (PEMHCA),  MOUs, local legislation, or  personnel policies. As the cost of these benefits increases, public employers are exploring strategies to mitigate the burden on the tax and ratepayers. This webinar, "Navigating Changes to Retired Public Employee Medical Benefits" discusses the legal barriers and opportunities for change. 

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