Speaking Engagements

Due to their breadth and depth of knowledge and experience in all areas of public law, our attorneys are recognized as experts across the state and are frequently asked to speak at conferences and meetings.

We regularly speak at workshops and seminars organized by professional and public agency associations such as the League of California Cities, California Special Districts Association, California Redevelopment Association, California Debt and Investment Advisory Committee, the California Public Employers Labor Relations Association and the State Bar of California.
At the national level, several Meyers Nave attorneys have presented seminars at the annual conferences of the American Bar Association, the National Public Employers Labor Relations Association, the Association of Latino Administrators and Superintendents, the International Municipal Lawyers Association and the International City/County Management Association, to name a few.
Our attorneys also speak at events and seminars organized by regional bar associations and private education service providers such as Lorman and CLE International.  In addition, some of our attorneys lecture at local colleges and universities such as the University of California at Berkeley and Davis.
If you are interested in requesting one of our lawyers as a speaker at your upcoming event, please email us at info@meyersnave.com.

Basics of Municipal Finance: Revenue Sources, Debt Financing, and Spending and Debt Limitations

LOCC | San Jose Convention Center
Meyers Nave Speaker: Sky Woodruff

Timely topics and quality content specifically designed for and by City Attorneys during the City Attorneys' session at the LOCC Annual Conference and Expo. Join Meyers Nave's Sky Woodruff for his informative session covering the basics of municipal finance, including revenue sources, debt financing, and spending and debt limitations.

Current Issues On Bidding, Contracting and Claims on California Public Works Contracts

Lorman Education Services | Online
Meyers Nave Speakers: Eric Firstman, Douglas M. McManamon, Robert M. Shaw

This topic is designed to provide persons working in public works construction with a review of new developments in procurement, a review and refresher on common bid protest issues, and a discussion of new developments and major claim and risk issues that arise on many public projects.

Public Law: Handling Contractor Claims on Public Works Construction Projects

The State Bar of California | Anaheim
Meyers Nave Speakers: Eric Firstman, Douglas M. McManamon, Robert M. Shaw

State and local governments construct millions of dollars a year in improvements ranging from airports, freeways and roads, public buildings, flood control and other public improvements.  These projects are fraught with claims leading to expensive litigation.  This program will focus on the most effective way to handle public works construction claims.

How to Address Job-Protected Leaves of Absence

PELRAC | The Queen Mary, Long Beach
Meyers Nave Speaker: Gina M. Roccanova

You’ve got an employee who is constantly out because of a work-related or non-work-related condition...what do you do? What is required of you under the FMLA, CFRA, and other leave laws that provide job protections for employees? Can you do anything, or do you just have to continue to allow an employee to be out on leave? Your agency’s response to these questions and handling of the affected employee may lead to significant litigation exposure. Come learn from the expert about what you can do.

An Update on Public Records Act Requests at the California Public Utilities Commission

CCPUC | Monterey Plaza Hotel, Monterey, CA
Meyers Nave Speaker: Britt K. Strottman

You are invited to attend the Conference of California Public Utility Counsel's 2015 Annual Meeting October 18 through October 20 in Monterey. Britt Strottman, Principal and Chair of Meyers Nave’s Crisis Management: Public Policy, Ethics and Investigations Practice Group, will participate on a panel discussing the topic of “To Disclose or Not to Disclose?

Drone Technology, Existing Law, and Privacy Concerns

The State Bar of California | Irvine
Meyers Nave Speaker: Kristopher Kokotaylo

This panel, during the Emerging Technology & Privacy Conference, will examine developments in and use of drone technology. The panel will discuss the safety and privacy concerns raised by private-party drone use and the existing and proposed laws regulating its use. The session will also address existing and proposed laws governing drones use by law enforcement, as well as the constitutional concerns uniquely raised by its use in law enforcement. The discussion will include the issues which remain unaddressed by the Legislature and the courts as this technology evolves.

Surveillance and Data Collection and the Public Records Act

The State Bar of California | Irvine
Meyers Nave Speaker: Ruthann G. Ziegler

Large amounts of data are collected using various technologies including global positioning systems (GPS), stingray phone trackers, police body cameras and license plate trackers. This session, during the Emerging Technology & Privacy Conference, will discuss the impacts of this data collection on the Public Records Act, including the importance of maintaining privacy under the Act and the competing public interest in government transparency.

The Use of Police Cameras and Facial Recognition Software

The State Bar of California | Irvine
Meyers Nave Speaker: Blake P. Loebs

This session, during the Emerging Technology & Privacy Conference, will explore the expanding use of police body cameras, including recommendations for policies governing its use and oversight. Panelists will also discuss public’s interest and related privacy concerns over whether this footage should be made public. Panelists will also discuss new technology related to facial recognition software which may be integrated into the use of any kind of surveillance, including police body cameras.

Public Contracts Overview and Update On Recent Legislation

APWA - Northern California | Richmond Memorial Auditorium
Meyers Nave Speakers: Eric S. Casher, Richard D. Pio Roda, Benjamin T. Reyes

Please join us for this informative session, which will provide an overview on Public Contracts as well as updates regarding recent legislation.

Getting Ready for a November 2016 Revenue Measure

LOCC | La Jolla
Meyers Nave Speaker: Sky Woodruff

Experts believe that November 2016 will be a favorable election for local agencies in California seeking to pass new revenue measures or renew existing ones. December 2015 is the time to start preparing. Be provided with the information you need to begin planning for the polling, communications, and the procedural steps that are necessary to inform your residents, get a measure on the ballot, and maximize the odds of a successful outcome.

Deferred Mitigation: Case Law and Practice Tips

CLE International | Bar Association of San Francisco Conference Center
Meyers Nave Speaker: Timothy D. Cremin

No shortage of significant CEQA practice issues arose in 2015. The Legislature continued to seek ways to refine the statute. The Supreme Court has several important CEQA cases under review. Four years of drought and an extended time-horizon for greenhouse gas (GHG) reduction call for new innovations in CEQA practice. The annual CEQA Conference will again focus on the timeliest topics with high-caliber sessions. This session, with Meyers Nave's Tim Cremin, will cover practice tips and case law regarding deferred mitigation.

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